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Something profound

...something mysterious.

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Originally from El Paso, Texas, then to San Antonio for 4 years, now onto graduate school in north Texas in the Dallas area.

Starting a new chapter in my life; onto bigger and better things.

I'd like to consider myself:
caring, loving, sympathetic, independent, very opinionated, social, generous, entertaining, educated, open-minded, friendly, in touch with my emotions, a feminist, somewhat sarcastic, dependable, extremely punctual, and unique.

Unfortunately I have a tendency to be: hot tempered, over emotional, over sensitive, I over react sometimes, judgemental, annoying, and human.

update: I don't write in this journal nearly as much as I used to. When I do write in it, I write about myself, my life, my cats, school, people in my life, random stuff, I post pictures (often) and rant when needed.

This journal is:

because people are stupid

Rest in Peace Erica...
its not the meaning of life, its the feeling of life..

Lj friends have birthdays too!

my miss pickles is love
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